Get Away: Rockwater Secret Cove Resort

By Noa Glow | January 2012

When Doug DeYagher needs new fodder for a publicity piece about Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, he looks to the guest book.

“People write pages and pages, entire poems even, after staying with us for only a couple of days,” says DeYagher, manager of sales and marketing for the resort, which is located in Halfmoon Bay on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast. “They come up here with one idea of what it’s going to be like and leave with another. One minute you’re in downtown Vancouver and 45 minutes later [by floatplane and chartered coach], you’re launched into nature—no TV, just sparkling ocean in front of you and miles of forest behind you and… it’s a very spiritual experience.”

Extraordinary experiences, he adds, are easily had at Rockwater. Surrounded by nature, the resort’s lodge, cabins and the famous tenthouse suites—luxury oceanfront accommodations appointed with king-size pillow-top beds, hydrotherapy tubs, rainforest showers, roaring fireplaces and radiant floor heating—consistently make it one of the best getaways in the province.

“They’re so different; they’re not a hotel room,” he says of the tenthouses, which are scattered, with plenty of privacy, along the resort’s 2,100 foot ‘treetop’ boardwalk. DeYagher also mentions the ‘winter spa tent’—a cozy, luxurious space to get a healing massage, no matter the weather—as well as the bounty of outdoor activities offered at Rockwater.

“You can go ocean kayaking, hiking or biking, or do nothing at all—just relax and soak up the natural beauty,” he says. “The other day I was on the boardwalk, no one else around, and I saw a pod of porpoises playing in the water. I didn’t have my phone, I couldn’t call or text anyone to come join me…but maybe it’s better that way. There really aren’t any words to describe it!”