Tale of a Rising Pop Group: Thanks to Hard Work, Humility and Talent, Dirty Radio are Set for a Fairy Tale Ending…

Photo by Gary Sylvester

By Kristen McKenzie | January 2012

Once upon a time in Vancouver, nothing less than divine intervention compelled musician Zachary Forbes to approach Farshad Edalat at a nightclub and ask him to sing. Having just moved from Edmonton less than a week before, Forbes was on the prowl for fellow artists following the breakup of his last band and something inexplicable about Edalat drew his attention.

“He just looked like a singer,” Forbes explains.

As it so happened, Edalat could sing—extremely well, in fact.

“I sang that “Hustler” song [by Cassidy],” Edalat recollects, laughing.

That was enough to knock Forbes’ socks off and the two began an instant musical partnership that grew in the coming year to include mutual friend Anthony Dolhai. From there, the concept of Dirty Radio—a pop group that churns out infectious, toe-tapping dance tunes, was born.

“Ever since, we’ve been together every day for the last three or four years,” Edalat says.

They’ve certainly made the most of that time. Over the last year, the trio released their first album, Debut—off which three songs: “My Heart”, “Wanna Ride” and “Groundshake” received heavy radio play—co-founded music production team SEX-ED, remixed for K-OS and laid the groundwork for the release of a new EP in February.

“[2012]’s going to be at a whole different level,” Edalat enthusiastically says of the group’s upcoming plans.

“More than anything, creating timeless music is what we want to do,” adds Forbes.

Fortunately, the threesome’s not afraid to put a lot of hard work into taking Dirty Radio to new heights. For months now, the group has spent 12 hours a day, six days a week in their East Vancouver studio putting the finishing touches on their latest album (which at press time remained untitled).

“We’re constantly working on music,” says Forbes, who, while on vacation in Hawaii last winter, insisted he bring his keyboard along so that he could compose. “No matter where we go, even if we’re not together, we’re always creating.”

Oddly enough, their workaholic natures cause them to feel a kinship with a certain notorious band that everyone loves to hate.

“We have nothing but respect for Nickelback,” declares Forbes. “From a work ethic standpoint, you might not like their music…but those guys work their asses off.”

“They built this whole empire on their own—and that’s what we’re trying to do,” Edalat adds.

In terms of stardom, however, the spotlight is, for now, focused entirely upon Edalat. All the group’s marketing, including Debut’s cover art, focuses on the Iranian-born singer.

“We purposely wanted it that way,” explains Forbes. “I’m better at sitting in the studio on my laptop. I think Farshad’s strength is being more in the limelight.”

“That’s going to change because we’re sick of seeing Farshad’s face!” Dohai jokingly adds.

All kidding aside, the three performers are content with their respective roles within the group and have cultivated a deep friendship that appears untouched by petty jealousy. As Edalat humbly states, “I wouldn’t be where I’m at without these guys!” And on that note, here’s hoping Dirty Radio continues down the path to happily ever after.