Fit City: Spin Cycle

Noa Glow | March 2012

spinningIndoor cycling provides a fun and efficient workout that can burn over 600 calories in an hour (or less).

Looking for a fun and efficient workout that can help you burn over 600 calories in an hour (or less) and doesn’t require you to learn any complicated dance moves? Spinning and indoor cycling may fulfill every requirement on your fitness wish list—and Vancouver offers plenty of opportunity to pedal your way to a better body.

Cadence Cycling Studio (, which opened last July in the South Granville area, is the city’s first dedicated spin studio. Classes at Cadence consist of safe, challenging, instructor-led rides set to movement-inducing music—everything from old-school rock to hip hop and pop. If you don’t have your own SPD-compatible cleats, free loaner cycling shoes are available. Only one word of caution: avoid wearing loose-fitting pants to class, as they could get caught in the pedals.

Over at Fit FX Studio ( in Point Grey, expert coaches lead indoor-cycling classes to suit every level of fitness: ‘Peloton’ for beginners, ‘Pulse’ for mid-level riders and ‘Pro’ for those who are more advanced. If you plan to shift from indoor to outdoor cycling once the weather improves, feel free to BYOB (bring your own bicycle), which can be mounted on one of Fit FX’s CycleOps Fluid2 trainers in mere minutes. Doing so is said to make the eventual transition from the studio to the open road a whole lot smoother.

YYoga (, with multiple locations throughout the Lower Mainland, is famous for its Hatha, Ashtanga and Kundalini offerings—but did you know that its Flow Wellness centre in downtown Vancouver offers indoor cycling classes, too? YRide provides a cardiovascular workout that’s sure to get your heart beating and your body sweating, all the while rejuvenating your mind. YRide and Core combines cycling with 15 minutes of conditioning postures that aim to improve your core strength and stability.