Earth Angel: Ocean Wise

Noa Glow | April 2012

Photo: Tallulah

Ocean Wise partners Ryan Johnson and Dylan McCulloch from the Daily Catch Seafood Company on Commercial Drive make their best ‘fish faces’ for Ocean Wise’s “Be Happy” campaign.

With the Pacific Ocean lapping at our fair city’s shores, the issues surrounding sustainable seafood are top-of-mind for locals. Luckily a conservation program called Ocean Wise—put in place by the Vancouver Aquarium—works with hundreds of restaurants, markets, caterers, culinary schools and others to help you make more ocean-friendly buying decisions.

The next time you visit a participating eatery or fishmonger (visit for a complete list of partners), be sure to look for environmentally friendly seafood options highlighted with the Ocean Wise symbol on their menus and display cases—this logo lets you know that the item is a good choice for keeping ocean life healthy and abundant for years to come.

Ocean Wise also endorses such good-for-the-sea retail items as canned tuna and fresh mussels. Richmond-based 7 Seas Fish Co., for instance, makes an Ocean Wise-approved albacore tuna product that can be traced right back to where the fish was caught. Just look for the code on the back of the package and key the nine digits in at—the results will return the exact location of the catch, the boat that caught it and even a short bio about the skipper!

Top 10 Items Removed from Ocean Wise Restaurant Menus

Black tiger prawns
Ahi tuna
Rock crab
Squid (all sources)
Sea scallops
Sablefish (unsustainable source)
Salmon (unsustainable source)
Sole (all species, all sources)Steelhead salmon