Wine: Reds You Can Chill

House Wine

Whites are meant to be chilled and reds served at room temperature, right? Certainly—but these days our houses are actually kept pretty warm. Room temperature used to sit at 18°C, which is chilly by today’s standards. This is actually the ideal temperature to enjoy fuller-bodied reds. When it comes to lighter reds with lower tannin, they taste delicious when served even cooler— think finer-boned varieties like Pinot Noir and Gamay (the grape that’s always behind the Beaujolais label).

Chances are you don’t carry a thermometer on you, so when in doubt stick the bottle in the fridge for half an hour or so or throw it on ice for fifteen minutes. If it’s too cold for your tastes, it will warm up soon enough. More than likely you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how refreshing and quaffable the wine becomes. Chilled reds are especially thirst-quenching as the weather heats up. Did you ever think a red could cool you down?

Casolari, ‘Bollino d’Oro’, Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC, Frizzante, Italy $14.99 (SKU #276105)

This simple sparkling red offers appetizing sour cherry and balsamic notes. At 11per cent, the relatively low alcohol content is an added bonus. Perfect with a plate of charcuterie.

2010 Christophe Pacalet, Beaujolais-Villages AOC, France $22.90 (SKU #15800)

100 per cent Gamay. Beautiful floral aromas with a charming fresh cherry note. Incredibly versatile and food friendly. Chicken, pork, tuna or salmon—take your pick!

2010 Blue Mountain, Pinot Noir, Okanagan Valley, BC $28*

Lovely fruit purity. Bright cherry and black raspberry with a hint of spice. Silky and elegant, this is BC at its best! We enjoyed this with beet salad.

*Available at the winery and private stores only. Prices may vary. All others available at BC Liquor Stores.