The Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Diet, Your Health & Your Life!

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Because I believe diet and exercise are so important, I am often frustrated with the recommendations I get. Nutrition and natural health ideas are often so negative (do not eat this, watch out for that) or so rigorous (be certain to eat a raw, natural, organically grown. And yet, I know diet is essential to my health and well-being, therefore that I made up my own principles. My goal was simplicity, so all of you with increased will-power and much more discipline, cut me some slack, OK? For the rest of us, I hope you find these useful.

1. Eat. I’d like to eat until I was full, then bite for a pastime. And, occasionally I do. However, more and more, I decide when I have eaten enough, leave space for a treat afterwards, and just decide to eat a bit less. I believe that it helps.

2. Drink more water. I used to attempt and drink 8 glasses per day, but I usually ended up losing count. . .or simply going to the toilet a good deal. Now, on my way into the dining table, I cease from the sink and grab a glass of water. I figure that is more water than many individuals drink, it probably helps me eat less (see Rule #1), and at times it reminds me to consume much more. Close enough.

3. Eat fruit. Benjamin Franklin stated, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I only know apples, a banana, some grapes or something”exotic” like cherry or some kiwi tastes great, and it is the quickest, most portable, and suitable meal I’ve discovered. A handful of these baby carrots beats a sandwich with a good 90 minutes!

4. Eat your veggies. Yeah, still listening to my own mother. However, on the flip side, they are so simple! No leftovers, no mixing or mixing or nothing! Raw, steamed, or microwaved, they are excellent for adding colour to a meal (greens, yellows, and legumes in a variety of colours ). I understand new and organically grown is greatest, and sometimes I buy them like that…

5. Eat more rice and baked potatoes. I score points with my physician, my”significant other” and, it is about the simplest cooking I have figured out.

6. Stretch if you’re feeling like it. I used to stick to a routine that advocated yoga and extending for approximately half an hour daily. Fantastic stuff! Very healthy. And I’m going to give it a second try! For the time being, each morning, and many times a day, I stand up and attempt to achieve the ceiling. I bend, twist, shake my shoulders, breathe deep, whatever appears to feel great right now. I then return to work.

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7. Avoid exercise and lifts. OK, I think perspiration and jogging, and lifting weights are great for me. And that I do some of it. However, I also find it helpful to walk around the block to have the email (the box is over the road ) or take the stairs rather than the elevator. I walk the dog, push the lawnmower and play golf and tennis with my buddies. That way I guess I am exercising and departing the fitness centre open for the remainder of you.

8. Spend some time with friends. Talking, sharing fantasies, receiving and giving aid, solving life’s great mysteries, and debating politics or religion with a buddy does wonders for your soul. And, hugs are great. And in case you’ve got a life-partner, I discover talking frequently appears to prevent quite a few different difficulties, too!

9. Laugh every day. Tell a laugh, wrestle with your dog or play with the children next door, but have fun! Life’s short.

10. Strategy for dessert! After the afternoon, I love something particular to top off it. So, I plan for a snack of chocolate or a cup of sausage, or a couple of fresh blossoms. It sure looks to beat restlessly searching the cabinets and fridge for”something” and end up with a large bowl of ice cream!

Finally, a few words of expertise. It is OK to”slide” once in a while. It better be OK…I look to do it occasionally. Only get up again, make the rules easier, more enjoyable, or more suitable for your scenario, and get back! I really don’t believe the goal is perfection — there is no use in using a heart attack getting all stressed out about the rules! Just have some fun!

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