The Biology and Life Forms, But What Are We Missing?


Biology is a fantastic teaching and enjoyable topic. Animals of all plants and descriptions, some of that most have not heard of, are great to test in minute detail. The very small nerve cells in tiny mammals, the unborn infant within a dogfish, and also the mechanical cause which releases fern spawn in the air to fertilize another fern much in the remote are fantastic topics for research. However, these things do not operate independently since there needs to be something forcing them.

Why is a creature to a mommy, what compels them to mate time so that the offspring are born in spring? Why is it that birds fly thousands of kilometres from 1 spot to another to strain and then back to winter? Why is it that salmon always come back to the river where they have been spawned to spawn again?

The why’s are endless and eventually they wind up in the previous question that nobody can reply to. What’s it all for? What’s life and why has it taken centuries to get to the point where we’re now? What happens to us when we die? What occurs when we kill the world through the contamination and other items which are bringing it to a conclusion?

In our eyes the world is a gorgeous location so why should it finish? Is this what’s occurred to planets in the solar system such as Mars, which scientists consider once supported life.

For individuals that are so interested that each question requires an answer, even if it’s an established one, they’ve not figured out the 1 material beyond our reach – the Spirit of the Universe. It’s something that I know about due to my reincarnation and understanding which everyone returns from the dead till we reach a stage where only people that are related to the Spirit are significant. I feel that’s where we reside. Further information checkout views magazine now.

This is what missing from a study into existence. Too many easily accept that death is all there is but that makes no sense in a universe where everything gets recycled.

I was just ten years old when I began thinking about the meaning of life. The thought of this, made me wonder what in the world were we doing here? What’s living anyhow, if you would eventually die? Why is residing so interchangeable with dying? How can one reconcile this matter of life? I mean, how do I possibly live a life which I shall eventually have to provide up-lose? To me personally, the entire notion of life was simply too complicated for anybody to actually understand. It looked like one huge web where most people are trapped and are endlessly trying hard to escape from.

The painful part is that sometimes we wind up being strangled by the web that’s been holding us down. Life looked like an infinite journey too broad for everyone to cover over the allotted time. It appears at the end, we constantly run out of time. As there’s so much to be achieved, we’re trapped in the battle of life; always attempting to do everything we can within the specified period of time.

Then what’s the delight of being here, if we’re not allowed enough time to do everything we need? In my opinion, I could observe a start and an end; the timing of our arrival; once we had been born along with also the time of our departure; once we die. What I did not quite comprehend were the minutes in between; the minutes between our arrival and our death-the minutes of existence. I made a dedication to knowing the actual meaning of life my life goal. Deep down in me, I understood there was something deeper. There must be some excuse, a cause of life; a single other than simply living and dying-a motive aside from mere presence.

The challenge was that; what’s there to life aside from simply alive and dying-existence? As I climbed, I found I was not the only one for this particular challenge. Some others like me were both fighting with this particular paradox of life-existence; only dying and living. It was evident, life actually is complicated. It’s complicated in the sense that it demands a lot of items from us. When you’ve got life, sooner or later you’ll see the painful facts about lifestyle.


That’s; that having a lifestyle means existence-being living and to be living requires survival-staying living. This demand for survival was genetically encoded into our very being. It is a natural tendency to want to survive-stay living. And remaining alive (survival), as we have come to understand is tough work! The difficulty as I found with many overtime while researching and studying over this topic, isn’t whether they wish to endure, but instead, whether they want more out of life than mere survival.

Let us face life is 1 hell of something! Pardon my tone, but honestly, who cares about lifestyle anyhow? Is not it damn overly rough? In my view, living is a lot tougher than dying. I mean it requires just a couple of seconds to perish, but it requires a great deal longer to live. Actually, it requires a whole life to create a life. Why? Since the skills required to reside takes a lifetime to understand. Contrary to the college system whereas a student you receive the lessons before you’re given the exam, life functions the other way around. In life, you have the test first and learn the lessons subsequently.

This is where the difficulty arises because so long as you’re alive, there is just a lot of you need to put up. Little wonder, a lot of them can not stand the heat any longer, take the simpler path-suicide. For these, that appeared to be the only way out, instead of facing the challenges of lifestyle they decide to determine. The fact of the matter is that, if we decide to believe it or not, life isn’t fair! Life isn’t just for pleasure (entertaining and pleasure ); it’s also for nurture (growth and development). And when cultivate instead of pleasure is your objective, the principles of this sport need to modify. Our attention needs to change from the presence (a life of simplicity ) to meaning (a lifetime of growth ) (meaning ).

In today’s fast-paced world much was misappropriated from the quest for success. Everybody is on the fast path; the essence of existence is slowly dwindling off the heads of many. In the hurry to match up with all the everyday requirements of our personal, corporate, and social lifestyles, so much has been traded for life in its true sense. Life and its meaning are unclear to many, material possessions, personal achievements, the setting, and accomplishments of goals all of us often becloud the main reason we are here in the first location. Here is the gist of this stuff, to analyze our day-to-day activities, our reasons, and inquire this; are we simply here to earn a living or we’re here to earn a living? Find out View Magazine to get more details about Biology.