The Political Class – Do As I Say, Not As I Do


One constantly gets a bit suspicious when a politician tells you ought to do something (pay additional taxes, use less gasoline, etc.) on your own, your nation, or even the nebulous”common good.” 1 reason for this feeling is that on many, many occasions the activities of the very same politicians are somewhat inconsistent with their particular activities.

The point was driven home recently in an information report by the Mexican paper, La Razon. The paper alleged that Hugo Chavez, the very, very socialistic semi-dictator of Venezuela had put $137 million of the household’s riches in five bank account in the USA. His workplace, of course, denied the reports, asserting that Mr Chavez isn’t a wealthy man with no more than 1 home to his name without a car afterwards he gave his car for his son. I don’t know whether the news report is accurate or not but that I doubt that Mr Chavez is as bad as he asserts. How ironic it would be as his nation’s economy suffers along with his people’s endure, this socialistic ruler has been reaping the benefits, allegedly. For further information visit view magazine.

That brought to mind the various cases of hypocrisy Our own politicians have attempted to hoist upon us hoisting their remarks and orders upon themselves:

– late summer, Bill and Hillary Clinton threw an enormous wedding celebration and reception because of their only child, Chelsea Clinton. Most news reports estimated the gala price between $3 and $5 million. I would not ever tell anyone how to invest their money, particularly as it pertains to their own children. But I really do find million-dollar weddings far on the top, particularly when soon before the extravaganza Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton opined from the media that some Americans earn a lot of money.

If that is indeed the situation, an individual could opine that anybody that may spend upwards of $5 million to get a marriage makes a lot of money. The Clintons have created well over $100 million because he left office but have the audacity to state some Americans make a lot of money. Obviously at $5 million to get a wedding and more than $100 million due to their own earnings, she hypocritically doesn’t include herself in this class.


– On one of those tv programs now there was a narrative on the office shuffle that’s happening in Washington as new men and women come to function in Congress and other people depart. 1 facet of this narrative was that Senator Minority pioneer Mitch O’Connell will move in the office area that was utilized from the late Ted Kennedy. No major story here except for the fact that the office area with this particular one Senator was a whopping 3200 square feet in dimension. Many Americans haven’t lived in a house, never mind had a workplace, which has been 3200 square feet. Many have not worked for an executive order which had an office that has been 3200 square feet.

As politicians discuss government and also the demand for the nation to tighten its own belt in such difficult financial times, just about demonstrating the same mindset and downsizing their own budgets and extravagances? Nobody in government requires a workplace that large. Break this up into smaller offices, earn certain cubicles like the rest of America, and pocket the savings. Do not let me downsize if you’ve 3200 square feet to bounce around if the occupant is a Democrat or a Republican.

– A popular item of hypocrisy in the last year stems from the great Senator from Massachusetts, Senator John Kerry. Remember that Mr Kerry has married into the Heinz family fortune, which places his household riches well north of $100 million. Additionally, Mr Kerry resides in Massachusetts, summers in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, and has represented the state of Massachusetts in the Senate for Ages. Seems like he’s a Massachusetts citizen.

But, according to July 23, 2010, Boston Herald news article from Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa, which might not be the situation. Apparently, the Senator lately bought a lavish 76 foot, New Zealand constructed boat with”glossy varnished teak interior, two VIP main cottages plus a pilothouse fitted using a wet bar and chilly wine storage” Evidently, this isn’t a rowboat. But, instead of berth from the ship in Massachusetts where he resides, where he summers, and that he represents in Congress, Senator Kerry decided to berth the luxurious sloop at Newport, Rhode Island. This action enabled him to avoid paying nearly $440,000 in Massachusetts sales tax and a yearly Massachusetts excise of roughly $70,000. Rhode Island doesn’t levy those kinds of taxation on ships.

Here we are, only a month or so eliminated from the Democrats yelling that those earning $250,000 or more in America don’t pay sufficient taxes and that he clearly is dodging paying valid, present taxes to his fiscally strapped home state for this modest out-of-state berthing move. How hypocritical can you get? He’s attempting to prevent in-state taxation just what just a tiny handful of Americans earn in one calendar year. And it isn’t like he wants the cash, given that the Heinz fortune he’s got access to. Do as I say, pay more taxes, while I seem to prevent the same fate.

– Back to the Clintons, we said previously that they’ve created over $100 million within the last ten years or so. Irrespective of how much money they make, they continue to acquire complete Secret Service protection at the taxpayers’ expense. But for a lot of those retired citizens collecting Social Security, make a cent more than the political group orders in a year for a threshold of earnings and begin paying a buck into the government for every 2 dollars over that highest-earning amount. Therefore, the common American could be penalized for earning too much money but our wealthy politicians are not needed to measure up and cover their protection irrespective of how wealthy they became as a consequence of the period in office.

– Staying with the Clintonslatest news reports and Congressional testimony about and by Hillary reveal a brazen disregard for taxpayer dollars and the taxpayers who pay them from the State Department. In Congressional testimony in February 2010, it had been disclosed that the United States administration was going to embark on developing a $1 billion embassy in London. $1 billion for one construction. That wasn’t to be mistaken with the $500 million embassies the United States government was constructing in Afghanistan’s capital.

Are the State Department and Congressional committees that permit this kind of reckless spending to exist not mindful of the challenging times Americans are enduring along with the skyrocketing national debt that the political class is operating up? $1 billion for a single construction is absurd as is 3200 square feet of space for one politician. I guess that these folks are only special.

– How can we forget the first days of this Obama government where it appeared that each day we discovered that nominees for top ranking administration positions never got around to paying their fair share of taxation? Regular Americans go to prison for not paying their taxes but these governmental appointees got away without jail time. Tom Daschle, a very long-term ex-U.S. Senator never obtained appointed due to a great deal of taxes he owed one nominee, Tim Geithner, really became Secretary of Treasury.

– One final action, though minor, reflects how out of touch the politicians in this nation are with the demands and problems of their normal citizens. Given the tumultuous November midterm election outcome and the very low approval ratings of politicians generally, you’d have thought they’d have gotten that message: begin working on the significant problems and quit operating on wasteful government spending and activities which benefit no one except that the political group. Democrats in Washington chose a”shellacking” (Obama’s words).